As digital technologies permeate our everyday lives, technology-enhanced learning experiences are becoming increasingly ubiquitous and fluid. In such blended learning across multiple digital and physical spaces, traditional de-contextualized, log-based learning analytics may not be enough to understand the learning process, its meaning or its outcomes.

This full-day event will provide participants with hands-on experience in gathering data from learning situations using multiple technologies (in the morning), and how to analyze/annotate such data to obtain insights about the learning experience (in the afternoon):

  • Before the event, teams of participants will be formed, and teams will decide the learning task they wish to address, and which of the proposed multimodal data gathering and analysis methods they intend to use.
  • During the event, participant teams will execute their MMLA project: enacting sample learning activities, gathering multimodal data, and later analyzing and making sense of them.

In this way, the workshop will provide opportunities, not only to learn about exciting new technologies and methods, but also to share participants’ own practical proposals for MMLA, and meet and collaborate with other researchers in this area.

The Workshop Theme

Important Dates