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Monday – April 12 0600 PST zoom link from SOLAR

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0600-0630 Introductions

0630-0800 Position Papers (5 minutes + 5 minutes discussion)

  1. Using MMLA to study the link between body and mind
  2. Reading with and without Background Music: An Exploration with EEG, Eye Movement and Heart Rate
  3. Immersive Virtual Reality Environment for Training Acute Care Teams
  4. Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Tool: A Pragmatic Framework for Multimodal Collaboration Feedback
  5. Combining multimodal data to explore emotion during learning with an ALT
  6. General Discussion 10 minutes

0800-0815 BREAK

0815- 830 Demos

  1. CoTrack2: A Tool to Track Collaboration Across Physical and Digital Spaces with Real Time Activity Visualization
  2. Introducing MBOX

0830-0900 Next Steps

  2. PLanning for Next Year
  3. Other events