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Using MMLA to study the link between body and mind

Tetiana Buraha
Jan Schneider
Daniele Di Mitri

Reading with and without Background Music: An Exploration with EEG, Eye Movement and Heart Rate

Ying Que
Gina M. D’Andrea-Penna
Xiao Hu
Yueying Dong
Andrea A. Chiba
John R. Iversen

Immersive Virtual Reality Environment for Training Acute Care Teams

Vitaliy Popov

Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Tool: A Pragmatic Framework for Multimodal Collaboration Feedback

Maurice Boothe Jr.
Collin Yu
Xavier Ochoa

Combining multimodal data to explore emotion during learning with an ALT

Anne Horvers
Rick Dijkstra
Ard Lazonder
Tibor Bosse
Inge Molenaar


CROSSMMLA Futures: Collecting and analysing multimodal data
across the physical and the virtual

Daniel Spikol
Xavier Ochoa
Marcelo Worsely
Daniele Di Mitri
Mutlu Cukurova
Roberto Martinez-Maldonado
Jan Schneider