To shape the practical activities of the workshop, we encourage participants to propose their own multimodal analytics processes or contexts of application, to be used by the teams of participants during the workshop. These proposals will take the form of brief paper submissions, which will be shared with the participants in the workshop website before the event. Submissions should be made via Easychair, by June 30, 2019 July 10, 2019 . Each submission should include one or more of the following elements (in no more than 3 pages per element, using the LNCS paper format):

  • Sensor/Data gathering setups and prototypes (e.g., the use of the Multimodal Learning Hub to collect data), to be used during the morning part of the workshop
  • Data analysis/annotation methods and tools (e.g., Visual Inspection Tool and coding schemas that can be used), to be used during the afternoon part of the workshop
  • Learning activities/Pedagogical designs that could benefit especially from CrossMMLA techniques, to be used as “sample learning tasks” on which to gather and analyze data during the workshop
  • Examples of CrossMMLA research designs or case studies, on which participant teams can inspire themselves to develop their MMLA project

Easychair submission at