Futures of Learning Analytics in ECTEL (FLA-EC)


We invite researchers in technology-enhanced learning working on topics related to using data from technologies designed to support or augment learning environments to submit a poster. We encourage posters that communicate exciting research or blue sky vision. The poster may contain an idea, a work in progress, or a vision for an area that you are working in. The argument for the research direction or need must be articulated and positioned in relation to existing work in learning analytics and technology-enhanced learning.

The posters will be reviewed by the Program Committee and will allow the participants to create a starting point for a shared conversation throughout the workshop. We hope that these posters can provide input for the visions and research directions for learning analytics in ECTEL.

Topics of interest

Poster topics can address any of the following topics or another topic you see relevant to the future of learning analytics in technology-enhanced learning.

  • Educational Technologies (incl. VR/AR and other emerging EdTech)

  • Evidence of impact from learning analytics

  • Theories of learning and instruction with technology

  • Measurement of learning processes

  • Multimodal learning analytics

  • Human-centered learning analytics

  • Ethics, privacy, regulations and policies

  • European challenges in learning analytics research

  • Quality education for underrepresented groups

  • Learning communities and contexts

  • Learning analytics adoption

  • Bridging research, policy and practice in learning analytics

  • Data-informed decision-making and feedback interfaces

  • Generative AI and learning analytics

Important dates

Dates Information
23.08                                         Poster submission
01.09 Notifications of Acceptance
12.09 Final version submitted
16.09 Poster presentations at the workshop

Submission Preparation

A poster should contain a problem formulation briefly grounded in literature and an articulated suggestion for a future vision of how this problem may be addressed or the questions that need to be raised to advance the problem. Work-in-progress posters can briefly present the types of data analyzed or results obtained.


The submission should be no longer than 3 pages and formatted as per CEUR-WS proceedings


Please send your questions and submissions to: